Historic meeting between President Obama and President Castro

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A historic meeting in Panama City Saturday as President Obama sat down with Cuban President Raul Castro.

President Obama met one-on-one with President Castro on the sidelines of the summit of the Americans.

It makes the first time that leaders from the United States and Cuba have sat down together in more than 50 years.

The President said it is time to try something new after decades of cold war animosity.

He announced in December that the U.S. Would move to renew diplomatic ties with Cuba.

In his Summit speech, President Castro praised President Obama, but also railed against 50 years of perceived grievances and slights to his Communist nation.

But President Castro also apologized to President Obama.

“So it is fair that I apologize to President Obama but I am one of those that thinks – and I told this to several heads of state and government that I see around this table now – I have told them in private meetings that I had in my country. I have told them that in my opinion, that President Obama is an honest man,” he said.

As part of his speech at the Summit of the Americas, President Castro blamed the U.S. For many of the hardships in Cuba, but he said it is not Presidents Obama’s fault and he welcomes the improved relationship between the two nations.

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