Holiday gift ideas for pets and pet lovers

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Helen Woodward Animal Center veterinarian Dr. Angela Gaeto visited Good Morning San Diego to share some ideas on what gifts to get for pets and pet lovers.

Gifts for pet lovers:

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves animals and may or may not already have pets the first thing to remember is it is not a good idea to give someone else a pet as a gift.

Pets require care, attention, monetary investment, and you are denying them the opportunity to choose a pet they bond with. There are many pets that find themselves in shelters after the holidays because they were not a good fit with the gift recipient.

Instead of giving someone who wants a pet an actual animal, give them the gift of information. Anyone looking to own a pet for the first time or own a new type of pet has a lot to learn! Give this person a book on dog and cat breeds, or husbandry of whatever pet they hope of own. This way you are ensuring they are ready for the commitment of owning a pet.

Another gift idea for pet owners is positive identification. Pet identification is the best life insurance policy you can give someone. This can mean a microchip, or a collar and tag. There are even GPS collars available for animals that can help ease the concern of pets running away!

Gifts for pets:

You can also give gifts geared toward actual pets. This can be everything from toys to treats.

Think of the particular pet when you choose each gift. Diabetic pets are better off getting toys than treats. Pets with allergies should get hypoallergenic foods.

The type of toys you get should be geared toward the animal in mind. Pets also appreciate warm blankets, beds, and coats especially at this time of year.

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