Hollywood comes to MCAS Miramar

An early Father's Day gift to San Diego's military and their families on Thursday. Actor Ryan Reynolds, star of the big summer movie “The Green Lantern,” came to MCAS Miramar for a special screening of the film.

The Green Lantern opens nationwide on Friday, but a very lucky 1,500 military personnel and their families were among the first to see it.  Even better, according to the screams and squeals in the theater, they got a chance to meet the star.

It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while, Hollywood comes to the Bob Hope theater at MCAS Miramar.

This time it's a screening of what Warner Brothers Pictures hopes will be a Summer blockbuster, the much hyped Green Lantern movie.

And, the fact that the star of the movie, Ryan Reynolds, is at the premiere is what made military families line up since 4:30am.

“They're very excited, they've been wanting to see the movie, dad's out of town, so he's going to have to wait” said military wife Kim Rice.

As excited as everybody is, we heard from a number of people in line how cool it was that a big time Hollywood star would honor the military this way.

“That he's out here supporting the military, people sacrificing their lives, give a little back to his community, it's nice,” military wife Marcie Rodriguez said.

“It's just awesome, (because) celebrities usually get paid to make appearances, for him to come on his own, that's really awesome,” said Risa Ferrer a military daughter.

“This film is about a group of intergalactic military people who use real courage to overcome fear, that's summer movie hero stuff, but you guys do that everyday for real, so thank you, thank you for having me here,” Reynolds said.

“What these characters in the movie are doing, these men and women are doing everyday, overcoming their fears with courage. Thanks!  Thank you, I appreciate it!” said Reynolds.

The large group outside, the people who couldn't get into the theatre, had hoped for a longer visit with the star. But, the Green Lantern was soon whisked away, to fight evil forces somewhere else.

By the way, Reynolds' visit wasn't confined to the theater. Earlier he met with Marines and sailors and veterans at a barbecue hosted by Miramar's commanding officer.

The actor said it was his first visit to a military base and when it was offered to him, he jumped at the chance.

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