Holocaust survivors urge Newsom to veto ‘dangerous’ ethnic studies requirement bill

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – California lawmakers recently decided to move forward with Assembly Bill 101, which would make ethnic studies a requirement in public high schools.

However, Holocaust survivors and members of the Jewish community have urged Gov. Newsom to veto this bill, arguing that it could promote antisemitic content in the classroom.

Naya Lekht, Director of Education from Club Z, a national organization for Jewish teens, joined KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez on Good Morning San Diego to discuss AB 101.

Lekht described that her organization is not against teaching ethnic studies, but is concerned that the content could promote anti-Zionism, call Israel an apartheid state, and call Jews privileged, Lekht said.

Lekht emphasized her concerns that the lessons could traffic dangerous antisemitic content.

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