Homeless advocates file lawsuit against Chula Vista for closure of Harborside Park

CHULA VISTA(KUSI) – Over the last two years, Chula Vista’s Harborside Park, which abuts an elementary school, has become crowded with homeless tents, trash and criminal activity.

Now, the city is being sued by a group of homeless advocates on behalf of individuals who are to be evicted from Harborside following the city’s vote  to close the park.

After deeming the park a health hazard, city officials added a turf barrier to the fence for added privacy for the elementary students. Following closure, two were shot at the park in the early hours of the morning.

KUSI’s Teresa Sardina reported (above) on the announcement of the lawsuit, and the immediate reaction to it from all involved on Good Evening San Diego.

KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez covered the scheduled “park closure” on Aug. 31 where the city coordinated services to assist the homeless in the next leg of their journey. While fences were being put up, few homeless appeared to be leaving the area.

The City of Chula Vista will be coordinating with third parties to provide hotel vouchers and other resources to relocate the homeless.

Below is the full press conference from Tuesday, Aug. 30.


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