Homeless But Not Helpless

While I was at the opening of the winter homeless shelter in San Diego on Thursday a woman handed me her resume'.  She was standing in line to get a warm bed and a hot meal, but she refused to give up hope of finding a job and a way out.

 Rose Martinez is a survivor.  I interviewed her for my story on KUSI.  She said she is grateful for the Alpha Project Shelter for giving her and other women a safe place to go.  The streets are particularly dangerous for women, she says, because the men prey on them.  Tonight, she is safe at least for a while.

 I promised Rose I would take her neatly printed and professional resume' and give it to anyone who might be interested in hiring her.  She is not a deadbeat.  She is not a drug addict or alcoholic.  She is a woman who has had one bad break after another.  Rose is a victim of the crashing economy and that's why she was standing in that line at the homeless shelter.

 Here is her job history:  She has been a sales representative for AT&T, an assistant security director for a major San Diego resort and a prison guard.  She's a college graduate and computer professional.  She wants another job.  She does not want a hand-out.  But, Rose Martinez is willing to swallow her pride and stand in line at San Diego's homeless shelter because she knows it will keep her alive and keep alive the hope that better days will return for her.

 What it taught me is that when I drive by those homeless camps or pass by someone sleeping on the sidewalk, I need to remember that they too have a resume'.  It may not be like Rose's, but it is filled with hope that someday they can sleep in their own bed instead of a cot at a homeless shelter.

 If you have job for Rose Martinez, send her an email at anglendisguise@gmail.com.  I don't know what kind of worker she would make, but it's clear she won't give up.

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