Homeless encampment still remains outside county park in Spring Valley

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – An update on the massive homeless camp in a Spring Valley community park.

The county cleared out Lamar Park earlier this week after residents complained about the large cluster of of homeless tents. However, the park is once again filled with homeless people setting up camp.

Drugs, drunkenness and verbal abuse, those are just some of the things Spring Valley residents say they are dealing with ever since a large group of homeless people set up camp in Lamar County Park.

The tent city has popped up outside the popular park, and the people who live around here are clearly concerned.

This Park sits in the District of Supervisor Dianne Jacob. She says the County is working on short term and long term solutions to a very complicated issue. Unless these solutions include “housing” of some kind, the homeless are not breaking any laws by sleeping and living on public right of ways and public land.

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