Homeless encampments force San Diego teachers to escort students walking to campus

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It’s no secret that San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria has failed to prevent and effectively address the now out-of-control homeless crisis. Mayor Gloria insists on giving speeches touting his efforts, but a quick drive through downtown and residents can easily conclude his efforts have failed.

The homeless population in Downtown San Diego alone has reached record highs for the last 6 months, the latest count reaching 1,939.

Making matters worse, the rise in homelessness is also resulting in increased criminal activity, and fatal overdoses.

The Alpha Project has been on the front lines of this battle for 37 years, but local leaders aren’t reaching out to them to help find solutions, something we have heard from other organizations as well.

KUSI’s Dan Plante was live in Downtown with the founder of the Alpha Project, Bob McElroy, who explained how the City of San Diego is seemingly refusing to address the humanitarian crisis that continues to grow everyday. McElroy says our current elected leaders continue to push the “housing first” initiative, which essentially is them “kicking the can down the road another four years” until they are out of office.

While Plante was Downtown he noticed another unusual thing happening, teachers of nearby schools are now escorting students walking down the street due to safety concerns, as homeless encampments are blocking the sidewalks.

Just this week, Mayor Todd Gloria was in Sacramento pleading with Governor Gavin Newsom for more money to address the homeless crisis, but Newsom wants to see a better plan on how it will be used before he releases more state funding.

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Official Downtown San Diego Partnership January Homeless Count:

Downtown San Diego Partnership January 2023 count
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