Homemade Pet Diets Done Right with Helen Woodward Animal Center

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Many pet owners are interested in finding a good quality food for their pet or find themselves supplementing additional food into their pets diet either because they are picky or to improve their health. However, there are right and wrong ways to make a homemade diet for your pet. Veterinarian Angela Gaeto joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss homemade diets for pets.

Who could benefit from a homemade diet?

While any pet may enjoy the taste and variety of a homemade diet, some animals may benefit more. Pets who are very picky and owners have a hard time finding food they will eat consistently can benefit greatly from homemade diets. Not only can owners provide more flavor variety but these diets can be frozen and saved so they don’t get wasted if pets quickly tire of them. Pets with severe food allergies can also benefit greatly from homemade diets. Not only will it address concerns for picky eaters who have allergies but it can also help greatly narrow what is in the diets so diets can be individually tailored.

How to do it right:

The biggest concern with homemade diets from a medical standpoint is not providing a balanced diet. While pets may not eat the same kibble daily they may be willing to eat the same home cooked food daily and if not properly balanced this can lead to protein, and mineral deficiencies. Pet owners should consult a diet resource with information on proper balancing when making a meal plan for their pets. There are numerous ways to do that with both helpful online resources and pet cookbooks such as Home Prepared Dog & Cat Diets by Patricia Schenck. There is also a local company who makes homemade diets for both general care and pets with health issues called Just Food for Dogs that has both diet resources and an easy way for time strapped pet owners to access high quality homemade diets.

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