Homeowner sued for renting out rooms to Marines and veterans

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The Arrowood Master Association (HOA) in Oceanside is suing one of its homeowners Ron Zurawksi. They claim the Navy veteran is is violation of its CC&R’s by opening his home to members of the military. But he is fighting back.

Zurawski has been renting out six rooms in two homes since for nearly 10 years. He currently has 12 tenants. He prides himself on being able to offer affordable housing to Marines and veterans, struggling to survive in San Diego’s expensive housing market.

He claims that a single family home does not mean all the members have to be related, and his Marines act as one household.

But his HOA disagrees and has sued him, as well as fined him $2,000 per month, for a total of $12,000. This comes after numerous complaints from his neighbors, who are calling his community service…a sham.

Residents argue Zurawski rented out to a registered sex offender, who was forced to move out. They also argue his homes are pest infested, hoarded and in disrepair.

One of his former tenants said she was evicted for cleaning out the garage without his permission. They say he is not helping these members of the military, but taking advantage of them.

Zurawski has hired a lawyer and is prepared to battle the HOA, saying his tenants, if evicted, will be financially devastated.

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