Hoover 13, Morse 7

It was the 2014 Homecoming Game and class reunion for the classes of ’83, ’84, and ’85 at Morse High School tonight. With Morse having a slow start this season, 1-4 with an automatic win over Francis Parker due to a forfeit last week, they came out fired up with a loud and proud crowd. However, the Hoover Cardinals came out on top after multiple overtimes winning the game 13-7.

In the first quarter, Hoover’s Shaun Jones intercepts KB Barbee, but after an incomplete pass and a quarterback sack, we got an interception from Morse’s David Lewis, who took the ball 10 yards. The first quarter ended scoreless. The second quarter was filled with a quarterback sack, an interception and a touchdown by lineman Austin Brown as the Hoover Cardinals took their lead over the Morse Tigers making the game 7-0. The Tigers answered back in the third, as quarterback KB Barbee’s arm met the hands of running back David Lewis to get Morse a 20 yard touchdown and some points on the board; it 7-7 at the half. The fourth quarter gave us little action, with lots of penalties including delay of game and holding calls, which occurred often throughouttonight’ss game. The score was 7-7 as we entered the what felt like the longest overtime I have witnessed in a high school football game.

Morse had four overtime possessions with two interceptions, but it was not enough as the Cardinals were able to score through the Tiger’s defense and then intercept their final possession to win the game 13-7, missing that last extra point. Although Morse did not earn their spot in the winning column this week, we are sure that they will enjoy their 2014 Homecoming dance this weekend, and come out in Week 8 looking for that win against San Diego High School. As for the Hoover Cardinals, they earn a new record of 4-2 and will match up at home with Serra High School in Week 8.

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