Hot, rainy conditions expected as Tropical Storm Lidia moves through San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — While the weather cooled down to 78 degrees late Saturday, it was short lived as it heated up to above 90 degrees just after midnight in San Diego Sunday, as hot and muggy air pushed cooling ocean breezes out to sea.

Radar showed a mass of thundercells rumbling around the mountains near Mexicali at midmorning, moving northwest and threatening to rain out the afternoon Padres-Dodgers game and cause traffic delays.

The Padres cancelled pregame activities today, announced that small folding umbrellas would be allowed at Sunday’s 1:40 p.m. game, and reminded fans that the team does not issue refunds if rain threatens.

Rainouts are unusual at Petco, there have only been three previous cancellations in the ballpark’s history.

The National Weather Service said the remnants of Tropical Storm Lidia sent winds of up to 55 miles per hour through the Laguna Mountains today, and pushed cooling coastal air away.

The temperature at Lindbergh Field had fallen to 78 degrees by midnight — still warm for the coast ad beaches. By 2 a.m., it had risen to 91 degrees, and it did not drop below 90 all morning.

Winds were forecast to blow at 15-25 miles per hour in East and North County, and gust to 45 mph today. They were predicted to decrease this evening.

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