Hotel lobby group launches campaign against short-term vacation rentals

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A hotel lobby group has launched a campaign against short-term vacation rentals.  This campaign claims short-term vacation rentals (STVRs) are making communities unsafe and driving up housing costs. These talking points are inaccurate statements and downright fear mongering.

KUSI Contributor Sully Sullivan explains the first time he told his mom about Air BNB, she reacted by saying, “Why would you stay in a stranger’s house? What if the host is a kidnapper who will keep you in her basement forever?”

Airbnb grappled with these and many other such dilemmas in their early years. But what they had going for them was the growth in the sharing economy and people’s willingness to try new ways of doing the old things.

Sully believes what we really need, is to find a way for the home-sharing economy and our neighbors, to co-exist. Not everyone will be 100% happy with this proposal, but he thinks that is a sign of a good compromise.

Sully breaks down Mayor Faulconer’s plan into nine key points:

1. Fair

2. Balanced

3. Establishes the clear rules of the road.

4. And will be backed up with considerable enforcement resources.

5. Specifically, this plan would:

6. Create the City’s first license-based system to manage short term rentals.

7. Put in place a Good Neighbor Policy to protect quality of life in our communities.

8. Establish the number of licenses a person can hold.

9. Charge cost-recoverable fees for license administration and enforcement.

After studied the Mayor’s plan, and shared his thoughts with KUSI’s Jason Austell in the interview above.

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