House GOP panel grills John Kerry on Iran Nuclear Deal

WASHINGTON D.C. (KUSI) – Secretary of State John Kerry took his Iran Nuclear Deal to Capitol Hill Tuesday, trying to convince Congress it's a good deal.

But his message instead was, it's really the only deal and if Congress says no to this, Iran will have a green light to get the bomb.

Kerry appeared before the House Foreign Affairs Committee and as members of Congress began maneuvering through the smokey provisions of the deal, Kerry reminded them of one thing.

He said remember Iran has agreed to refrain from producing enriched Uranium and Plutonium to make a bomb and he says that is huge.

Kerry believes killing his deal will not make America or the world safer. 

He was clearly frustrated and visibly lost patience with some of the questioning, but members of Congress wondered about the cash bonanza Iran will get when the sanctions are lifted and what all they money could be used for. 

Iran is a state sponsor of terror.

Critics say it's a bad deal, but Kerry insists that despite the deal expiring in ten years, he thinks the world will make sure it sticks long after that.

"When it comes to verification and monitoring, there is absolutely no sunset in this agreement… What they want to do on this," Kerry said.

Iran's leaders are not holding back either, evidenced by this Tweet from Iran's Supreme leader showing President Obama holding a gun.

It says, "If any war happens, the one who will emerge loser will be the aggressive and criminal U.S."

It's inflammatory rhetoric like that and the history of Iran's terrorism roots that has critics wondering about the nuke deal. 

Kerry said don't worry. 

He said if this deal is rejected, that's it. He predicts Iran will certainly get a nuclear bomb. 

It's a threat Kerry hopes congress will take seriously.

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