San Diego’s housing crisis could impact rent, jobs, homelessness and quality of life

Stephen Russell, executive director of the San Diego Housing Federation joined Good Morning San Diego to talk about San Diego’s housing crisis.

The San Diego Housing Federation, in collaboration with other stakeholders, seeks voter approval for a $900 million housing bond on the November 2018 ballot to:
– Provide homes for approximately 2,500 homeless people currently living on San Diego’s streets, waterways and parks.
– Provide homes for close to 2,500 veterans, seniors and disabled persons currently at risk of homelessness.
– Provide affordable homes to help at least 2,500 hard‐working low‐income families with children stay in their communities.
– Provide the matching funds needed to make San Diego eligible for additional state and federal assistance for this new construction and the preservation of existing affordable housing.
– Create thousands of good‐paying prevailing wage construction jobs and strengthen our local economy. Bond funds would be administered by the San Diego Housing Commission and would be subject to independent citizen oversight and annual audits to ensure funds are spent as promised.

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