How prevent and avoid of ‘Maskne’ during coronavirus pandemic


SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – To prevent the spread of COVID-19, San Diego residents are still required to wear masks in public. With more frequent mask-wearing, more people are experiencing “maskne,” otherwise known as acne or irritation caused by wearing a mask. Dr. Melanie Palm, board-certified dermatologist in Solana Beach, joined Good Morning San Diego and shared some tips on how to prevent maskne.

“Acne and skin irritations, including seborrheic dermatitis and periorial dermatitis, can be caused by frequent mask-wearing. In fact, I’m seeing this become a much more frequent issue in the patients in my clinic. Wearing a mask is proven to help slow the spread of COVID-19, but it can also change the humidity and micro-environment of the skin as it alters the microbiome, sebaceous gland function, sweat production, and skin turnover,” said Palm.

Some ways you can prevent “maskne”:
o Wash your face – make sure you regularly wash your face. Many of us are wearing less makeup in quarantine, but that doesn’t absolve you from cleansing your face daily – especially before bed. I recommend using a foaming wash and an at-home sonicating facial device, which can help you target acne-prone areas like the corners of your nose or chin.
o Exfoliate – Incorporate an exfoliating treatment or mask into your routine once a week to break up any congestion and keep skin clear.
o Strengthen your skin barrier – incorporate ingredients like glycerin and niacinamide, which can help strengthen your skin barrier, into your skin routine. They’re now more commonly available in serums and lightweight moisturizers at an affordable price.  
o Seek effective treatments – if you’re already experiencing breakouts from frequent mask-wearing, I recommend treating them with salicylic acid and BHAs. These active ingredients effectively penetrate down to the hair follicle where acne starts, and help to lift dead skin off to reveal the healthy skin below. Salicylic acid is also very effective as a brightening agent, so it helps with those leftover blemish marks.

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