How to buy a home in San Diego, one of the most competitive markets in the country

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As you know, home prices are extremely high, and mortgage rates are now starting to slightly rise. So what’s a potential home buyer supposed to do?

Real Estate Broker Jim Bottrell is positive that despite the high prices, now is still the time to buy.

Jim Bottrell explains “while prices are definitely high, interest rates are still low. They have gone up considerably over the year or so that Ive been doing these KUSI interviews and every single time I have been on, i’ve been telling people to buy now because rates are going up and well….rates are going up. In fact, they have already gone up a full percent from where they were in the Summer and Fall. The problem is that they are going up more, a lot more.”

Adding that, “yes, its still a good time to buy.”

Bottrell joined KUSI’s Jenny Milkowski on Good Morning San Diego to explain how to buy in San Diego’s extremely competitive market.

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