How to identify and reverse food intolerance

If you’re feeling especially tired or bloated after you eat certain foods, it might be more than a stomachache.

Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner Maggie Berghoff visited the studio to share insights on how to identify and fix food intolerance.

Maggie Berghoff is a top health expert at healing the body fully and quickly with lasting results. Her clients – which include world renowned entrepreneurs and professional athletes – have reversed food intolerance, healed from leaky gut, eliminated inflammation, and even cancelled scheduled surgeries that were no longer needed after working with her.

Maggie has shared her extensive knowledge and testing approach to finding out what’s going on in the body on national television such as The Dr. Nandi Show and in renowned publications and podcasts including Well + Good, MindBodyGreen and iHeart Radio.

Maggie is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, where she also earned her Masters as a family nurse practitioner. She is a graduate of the Institute For Functional Medicine where she received functional medicine specialty training.

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