How to pack healthy school lunches for your kids

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Every parent wants their child to stay healthy, and with school in session, a good place to start is with their lunch.

Nutritionist Jessica Spiro shared some tips on how you can easily implement a healthy lunch to your kids daily eating habits while still making the meals look fun and colorful.

Tip 1: Prepare balanced meals in advance
Talking point: Preparation is key. Plan to batch cook foods that you can use in different ways throughout the week.
Tip 2: Make meals look fun and colorful
A recent study came out that showed for children, food choices are strongly influenced by the presentation.
Tip 3: Involve your kids
From having your child pick out a fruit or veggie at the grocery store to helping cook/choose foods, it’s never too early to involve your kids.
Tip 4: Get creative with simple ideas
There’s nothing wrong with your standard sandwich or pasta dish, but amp it up with creative twists!

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