How to ensure online safety and raise internet smart kids

SAN DIEGO ( KUSI) – Are you raising internet smart kids?

Internet expert and YouTuber Owen Video talks with KUSI about some tools that some parents can use to teach their kids about the internet. Owen Video shared insight on what you can do to protect your kids while they surf the web as well as the strategies he has personally used to ensure his children aren’t seeing any inappropriate material while surfing the web.

Below are three of the tips he shared with us.

Tip #1 – Pause and Point Out

Don’t be afraid to pause the TV show or the movie and recognize what’s happening. So maybe there’s some unexpected violence or crudity, pause and say “Kids did you see that knife? Or did you hear that word? Is that a word for kids to say?” And let them answer. Take time to point out what’s happening and turn it into a lesson that what you see is not what you do. Reverse the mindwashing effects of TV

Tip # 2 – Celebrate Special Effects

Special effects are a great tool for convincing us what’s real – explosions, robots, fight scenes, parkour… and I don’t want my kids thinking they are indestructible. Rather than be a stick in the mud, celebrate the real ness of the special effect, rewind it, ask your kids how they think it was done. Wow did you see him jump off the roof – do you think he wore cables or was it a green screen? Keep them in reality.

Tip #3 – Productive Playlists

YouTube is full of educational material. Take time to create a playlist of videos on a skill building topic – my kids love drawing. So we made a playlist of Art channels that my kids can watch at almost any time. We bought a box drum,build a playlist of drum playlists.

Posted by Owen Hemsath on Monday, October 8, 2018


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