Hundreds of boats and thousands of people show up to participate in the Trump Boat Parade on San Diego Bay

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The owner of Nitro Gun Co, Nick Garcia, organized a Trump Boat Parade on San Diego Bay.

At first Garcia said he was getting tons of support and expected around 100 boats to show up to participate.

As the day approached, Garcia explained the support for President Trump was overwhelming, more than anything he ever expected from San Diego. Garcia also emphasized that anyone is welcome to participate, he wanted the event to unite San Diego together to support the country.

Just before noon on Saturday, hundreds and hundreds of boats gathered near the Point Loma bait docks as they waited for the lead boat to start heading down the parade route. Some estimate there were close to 500 boats, all with flags and decor supporting the United States of America and President Trump.

Furthermore, thousands of San Diegans who were unable to get on a boat, lined up on the shore along the parade route to support President Trump.

It was truly a sight to see, thousands of San Diegans came together as Americans, to peacefully support the President of the United States of America.

Here is the footage from the dock of the USS Midway, captured by KUSI Photographer Nic Polino.

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