Hundreds of San Diego businesses may have to close their doors for good

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Hundreds of business throughout San Diego County may have to close their doors for good because of the constantly changing government regulation over nearly all industries.

Now, San Diego County has been moved back into the Purple Tier, forcing all “non-essential” businesses to suspend their indoor operations.

In anticipation of San Diego County’s move back to the Purple Tier, dozens of local businesses informed KUSI News that they were planning on defying the orders, and remaining open. Most of them explained they came to that decision because if they closed again, they would never be able to reopen.

As businesses continues to make ends meet, San Diego County Health Officials held an unscheduled press conference announcing that they have ramped up their COVID-19 enforcement efforts. Supervisor Nathan Fletcher outlined how the county and Sheriff’s Department will be working together

Sheriff Bill Gore said four two-deputy teams will begin making “a full-time commitment” of the county’s 18 cities and unincorporated areas, ensuring compliance with public health orders. Several cities have already confirmed they will send officers to assist deputies in their duties, Gore said.

With the threat of ramped up enforcement from Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, many businesses are expected to change their decision and comply with the orders to close.

During his live shot, KUSI’s Dan Plante presented a scrolling list of the 600 or so restaurants that have already closed their doors for good. The list was created by the Restaurant Supply Co.

KUSI’s Dan Plante was live in El Cajon with Mayor Bill Wells who expressed extreme frustrations with San Diego County’s announcement that they have partnered with the Sheriff’s Department to enforce their COVID-19 orders.

Mayor Wells questioned Gavin Newsom’s justification for implementing a 10:00 PM curfew for all counties in the Purple Tier. Wells compared Newsom’s orders to an implementation of Martial Law saying, “I don’t see how this helps a thing.”

Continuing, “I think this is just a show of force from some people on the County Supervisors Board. I think it is completely unwarranted, I think it is way over the top. I think it is coming in and taking hardworking people, criminalizing them, showing up with a gun and a badge, and it’s not even an El Cajon gun and badge. It’s the county, it’s big brother, it’s the evil empire coming in to get you.”

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