Hundreds of San Diego Police Officers expected to lose their jobs over vaccine mandate

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The vaccine mandate for San Diego Police Officers is causing major concern among many of our officers.

They are not able to publicly voice their positions, but hundreds have privately confirmed they are strongly against the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and willing to leave the force if the policy does not change.

To make matters worse, the City of San Diego is experiencing a surge of violent crime under the leadership of Todd Gloria, making it the worst possible time to get rid of the people who protect and serve the community.

Retired Marine Giorgio Kirylo has personally spoken to many of these current officers, and is here to share their side of the story, since they are unable to do so.

According to the officers he has spoken with, the San Diego Police Officers Association President, Jack Schaeffer, is not sticking up for the officers opposed to the vaccine mandate. The SDPD officers says the SDPOA is signaling that they are going to take zero action to defend or support the police who are going to lose their jobs over the vaccine mandate.

To show their concerns, a rally has been scheduled for October 22nd at 3:30PM, outside of San Diego City Hall. Kirylo says he expects a huge showing from the community to show up and show Mayor Gloria their opposition.

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