Hurricane Irma strengthening rapidly in Atlantic Ocean, poses threat to Caribbean

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — While recovery efforts haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the need in Houston, Hurricane Irma is rapidly intensifying in the Atlantic Ocean.

The storm poses a major threat to the Caribbean and possibly the United States as early as next week.

According to CNN, Irma was named a tropical storm on Wednesday and by Thursday, was upgraded to a Category 3 hurricane with wind speeds of 115 mph.

The National Hurricane Center calls this growth “rapid intensification.”

"Irma has become an impressive hurricane," the National Hurricane Center said on Thursday. “This a remarkable 50 knot [58 mph] increase from yesterday at this time."

According to CNN, the forecast for Hurricane Irma predicts it will continue to strengthen in the next few days, closing in on a Category 4 status by the time it reaches the Caribbean by Tuesday afternoon.

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