I Love A Clean San Diego Set to Bring Zero Waste Golf Tournament

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego County’s longest running nonprofit dedicated to clean communities and zero waste today announces it will host the first zero waste golf tournament in San Diego County on Thursday, June 24, 2021.

Titled the Love Fore San Diego Zero Waste Golf Tournament, the event is now open for online registration and corporate partnership opportunities available at CleanSD.org.

The Love Fore San Diego Zero Waste Golf Tournament is not just a fundraiser for I Love A Clean San Diego County, it is a move by the organization to demonstrate how zero waste events can be produced without leaving a trace on the environment, while making events fun and educational.

“People come from around the world to visit our region and play on its many outstanding golf courses, so we’re excited to create this unique opportunity for local players and those who are visiting,” said Keith Riggio, board member and tournament chairperson for I Love A Clean San Diego. “We want people to come enjoy and see that the zero waste effort supporting the tournament enhances their experience. We can all be part of the solution on and off the green.”

When planning for its event, organizers were inspired by the zero waste efforts of the PGA’s Phoenix Open. I Love A Clean San Diego’s board decided its mission would directly influence a regional golf tournament for the recreational player.

Refuse, Reduce, and Recycle are the elements we will incorporate through our expertise to ensure nothing goes to the landfill,” said Len Hering, Executive Director of I Love A Clean San Diego. “In addition, the event and every participant’s carbon footprint will be offset through a certified carbon offset program to make this a Net Zero event.”

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