10 Things to Know for Today

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today:

1. SCRAMBLE FOR MEDICAL SUPPLIES AS VIRUS SPREADS The hunt for ventilators and other medical supplies is consuming the U.S. and Europe, as new virus infections soar.

2. RESCUE PACKAGE NEGOTIATIONS CONTINUE ON CAPITOL HILL Talks between Congress and the White House continue on a nearly $2 trillion economic rescue package as the coronavirus crisis deepens.

3. GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKETS CONTINUE TO TANK AMID PANDEMIC U.S. futures dropped more than 4% and Australia’s share benchmark initially plunged 8.5% as work on more stimulus for the U.S. economy hit snags in the U.S. Senate.

4. WHY THE SECRETARY OF STATE IS IN KABUL DURING THE OUTBREAK Mike Pompeo is in Kabul on an urgent visit to try to move forward a U.S. peace deal signed last month with the Taliban.

5. HOW CORONAVIRUS HAS CHANGED DEATH, GRIEVING, FINAL GOODBYES Ministers have closed their doors to funerals, fear of quarantine has prevented families from flying to pay last respects and cemeteries have drastically altered protocols.

6. PRESIDENTS PAST NOT AS HANDS ON AS TRUMP DURING HEALTH CRISIS The president, who has no scientific or medical training, now leads a daily White House briefing on coronavirus efforts by a task force he tapped the vice president to lead.

7. WHAT IS HANGING OVER WASHINGTON NEGOTIATIONS Previous bailouts by Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama unwittingly reshaped American politics, unleashing a populist furor that lingers in both parties to this day.

8. THE PANDEMIC HAS BEEN A TEST FOR YOUNGER GENERATION America’s young people have grown up with school shootings, social media pressures, climate change and terror attacks. But how will they cope with effects of coronavirus.

9. WHICH MAJOR OLYMPIC NATIONS ARE PUSHING FOR POSTPONEMENT Canada and Australia saying they will not go if the games are staged this year making it more likely the event will happen in 2021.

10. WHERE THE LATEST TROUBLED CRUISE SHIP HAS DOCKED The ship that had to cut short its trip because of the coronavirus and mechanical problems has docked in Honolulu’s harbor.

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