2 of 3 LA homeless men brutally beaten with bat have died

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles police say two of three homeless men brutally beaten with a baseball bat last weekend have died.

Police say a suspect approached the men early Sunday as they were sleeping in alcoves or stairwells at two downtown Los Angeles locations.

Police say the attacker bludgeoned the men, then ransacked their pockets and belongings. The victims were hospitalized with severe head injuries.

Officer Drake Madison says Thursday that two of the men have died. He didn’t know the condition of the third.

Investigators say the suspect is also believed to be homeless, based on his appearance. Surveillance video showed him rummaging through trash cans in the area.

He’s described as being of medium height in his 30s. He wore a blue baseball cap and has a distinctive bow-legged gait.

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