25 years later, a new generation gets immersed in ‘Friends’

LOS ANGELES (AP) — “Friends” marks its 25th anniversary this week, and the quintessential 1990s sitcom has attracted a new fanbase barely half that age.

Tween and teen girls in particular have embraced the show with huge enthusiasm, taking a series that belonged to Generation X and making it their own.

They binge all 10 seasons on Netflix through their laptops and phones, and push it on their classmates and social media followers.

Ten-year-old Lucia Mozingo says she spreads “Friends” ”like a disease” among her own friends.

Many girls say they like it because it depicts a life they aspire to.

Twelve-year-old Imogen Schwartz says when she watches it she wishes she lived across the hall from her best friends and had a Rachel, a Chandler and a Phoebe in her life.

“Friends” premiered on Sept. 22, 1994 on NBC.

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