2nd prison guard pleads guilty in chemical spray cover-up

A second former prison guard has pleaded guilty to covering up an incident in which he and other officers used a chemical spray on five kneeling, handcuffed inmates at a privately run Louisiana prison. Three others are scheduled for federal trial April 15.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Shreveport said Tuesday that 27-year-old David Parker pleaded guilty Jan. 17 to conspiracy to falsify documents. Former Sgt. Demario Shaffer pleaded guilty in November.

As they did with Shaffer, prosecutors agreed to drop three other charges. Those include a charge of violating the inmates’ right against cruel and unusual punishment by spraying their eyes and faces with the chemical.

The five ex-guards were indicted in March, about five months after Richwood Correctional Center inmates sued the jail, the warden and several officers.

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