89-year-old Alabama woman jailed over messy appliance store

CLANTON, Ala. (AP) — An 89-year-old Alabama woman is free after spending what she describes as her first night in jail for failing to clean up her small-town appliance store.

Odean Cleckler and her son have been running the family’s shop since her husband’s death in 2008. It’s surrounded by hundreds of old appliances that the city of Clanton ordered cleaned up.

But both the woman and her son were jailed this week after a court ruled they hadn’t complied. Cleckler was freed on a court order after spending one night behind bars, but son Randy Cleckler remains jailed with a 30-day sentence.

Mayor Billy Joe Driver says he didn’t want the woman put in jail, but adds that nothing has been done at the business.

Cleckler says she’s trying to follow the law and help customers who need appliance parts.

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