‘A near-perfect person of color’ killed by a Dallas officer

DALLAS (AP) — An attorney for the family of an unarmed black man who was fatally shot in his apartment by a white Dallas police officer says Botham Jean was a “near-perfect person of color.”

The sentencing phase of Amber Guyger’s trial resumed Wednesday in Dallas. The 31-year-old was convicted of murder in the 2018 death of her upstairs neighbor. Guyger says she mistook the apartment for her own and thought Jean was an intruder. He was an accountant who wrote sermons and organized church mission trips.

He installed Skype for elderly parents who missed their kids. One time he met a stranger who shared his mom’s birthday, so the bighearted 6-foot-1 choir singer got the woman a cake.

Jean cried after getting a job in Dallas at a powerhouse accounting firm.

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