Abrams, Kemp still clashing on voter registrations

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia’s Democratic candidate for governor – Stacey Abrams – is ratcheting up her assertions that her Republican rival Brian Kemp is effectively suppressing minority and women voters.

Abrams told CNN on Sunday that Kemp is eroding the public trust in his current role as secretary of state because he’s questioned 53,000 new voter registration applications.

Civil rights groups are suing Kemp.

He maintains that he’s following Georgia’s “exact match” voter registration law.

The law requires information on a voter’s registration application to exactly match information on file with Georgia’s driver’s license agency of the Social Security Administration. That can trip up, for example, women with hyphenated married names.

Kemp’s office says the affected voters will be able at least to cast provisional ballots. Abrams says that’s not good enough.

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