Afghan official blasts US talks with Taliban

WASHINGTON (AP) — Afghanistan’s national security adviser is blasting U.S. reconciliation talks with the Taliban.

Hamdullah Mohib (moh-HEEB) on Thursday accused the Trump administration of alienating the Afghan government, legitimizing the Taliban and crafting a deal that will never lead to peace.

His blunt remarks to reporters at a morning briefing at the Afghan Embassy prompted an afternoon scolding by State Department officials, who insist the U.S. is not keeping the Afghan government in the dark about the talks led by a U.S. envoy.

Mohib also took aim at the Afghan-born envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad (kah-LEEL-zad), alleging that Khalilzad is undermining the Afghan government, possibly because he has ambitions of someday leading the nation himself.

The State Department dismissed Mohib’s comments, saying they undermine U.S. relations with Afghanistan.

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