Ahead of ‘The Irishman,’ Scorsese and De Niro look back

NEW YORK (AP) — Ahead of their much-anticipated and most recent collaboration, “The Irishman,” Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro have convened at the Tribeca Film Festival to look back on their long partnership together.

The talk was staged Sunday at New York’s Beacon Theatre. It gave De Niro one of his most unlikely roles to date: interviewer. With interstitial clips chosen by Scorsese from the director’s filmography, the famously terse actor didn’t so much pepper or prod the filmmaker as occasionally announce it was time to discuss “the next one.”

But if the conversation relied largely on Scorsese, it still offered a window into their long-running collaboration. Begun with 1973’s “Mean Streets,” they’ve made nine feature films together. One of Scorsese’s other regulars, Leonardo DiCaprio, watched from the audience.


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