Alabama mall shooting suspect seeks police video

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — A man charged in a shooting at an Alabama shopping mall on Thanksgiving is asking to see police video of the entire incident, which ended with police shooting and killing another man.

An attorney for 20-year-old Erron Brown of Bessemer made the request in a court document.

It comes as protesters and relatives of the man killed by police, 21-year-old Emantic “EJ” Brown Jr., have been asking for days to see the video.

Authorities have refused to release video publicly or show it to Bradford’s family. Prosecutors haven’t yet responded to the new request by Brown’s attorney, Charles Salvagio.

Police first blamed Bradford for a shooting that left two people wounded at a suburban mall. They then backtracked and arrested Brown after a manhunt.

Brown’s lawyer says he’s not guilty.

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