Americans skiers return safely from world’s 4th highest peak

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — American extreme skiers who overcame poor weather and equipment and oxygen problems to successfully ski down from the summit of the world’s fourth-highest peak have returned safely from the mountain.

James Morrison of Tahoe, California, and Hilaree Nelson of Telluride, Colorado, returned to Nepal’s capital on Thursday looking forward to a break after becoming the first people to ski down from Mount Lhotse’s 8,516-meter (27,940-foot) summit.

They were the only team in the Mount Everest-Lhotse region during the autumn season, which is less popular with climbers because of poorer weather. Lhotse is a sister peak of Everest and the two mountains share most of the climbing route.

Both climbers said they faced several problems and delays but were able to complete their mission over the weekend.

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