Armed with affection, octogenarian is an ‘octopus whisperer’

BOSTON (AP) — Eighty-four-year-old Wilson Menashi retired more than 25 years ago after a long career as a chemical engineer. Since then, he’s spent thousands of hours volunteering at the New England Aquarium in Boston, where he’s become known as the “Octopus Whisperer.”

The aquarium says Menashi certainly has a way with octopuses. Menashi says he can’t explain it, but he’s able to connect in deep and meaningful ways with the enigmatic eight-armed sea creatures.

Aquarium scientist Bill Murphy says Menashi’s eye for detail and his patience make him the perfect human companion for the octopuses.

Menashi’s obsession has led to some awkward moments, though. The married Menashi sometimes returns home with his arms and neck covered with marks left by the animals’ powerful suction cups.

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