At scene of South Sudan mass rape, ‘no one could hear me’

NHIALDIU, South Sudan (AP) — Shock and outrage followed when Doctors Without Borders announced that 125 women and girls in South Sudan had been raped, whipped and clubbed last month in a dramatic spike in sexual violence.

In an exclusive look at the aftermath, The Associated Press joined a United Nations peacekeeping patrol where the attacks occurred.

Terrified local women said they are forced to make a dangerous, hours-long walk for the food they need to survive, risking attacks by armed men.

“My body hasn’t been the same since,” one rape survivor says.

Even after a peace deal was signed in September to end a five-year civil war that killed nearly 400,000 people, humanitarians have warned of higher rates of sexual assault as growing numbers of desperate South Sudanese try to reach aid.

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