Auction of mayor’s stuff will get a surprise sequel

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — An estate sale at the home of polarizing former Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo went like gangbusters over the weekend — and some new treasures were found afterward.

The auction wrapped up Sunday afternoon. The agent in charge of the sale says an additional trove of personal items was discovered in the attic. They included phone numbers for Frank Sinatra and Richard Nixon, Rizzo’s gold watch, and passports.

Agent John Romani says those new items will go up for auction Jan. 29.

Romani says about 40,000 people came through the estate sale, which started Friday. Top sellers were Rizzo’s single-digit license plate, which went for $5,000, and a Rolodex that went for $2,500.

A number of billy clubs were up for grabs and went for $1,250 to $1,500.

Rizzo’s wife, Carmella, died in July at age 101. The family wanted to clear out the house and sell it.

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