Ballot measure aims to preserve Salton Sea, help air quality

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A project to protect Californians near the Salton Sea from deteriorating air quality and save bird habitats could sink or swim based on the outcome of a June ballot measure.

Proposition 68 would let the state borrow $4 billion through bonds to fund parks and environmental protection projects. It would include $200 million for a plan to preserve the rapidly shrinking Salton Sea.

Thousands of acres of dry lakebed are being exposed as California’s largest lake evaporates. Wind then sweeps the lakebed’s dust into nearby farming communities, worsening air quality. Childhood asthma rates in the region are among the highest in California.

Proposition 68 would also fund parks in underserved parts of California, as well as projects to prevent flooding and boost clean water.

It’s one of five propositions on the June 5 ballot.

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