Binge eating videos find big audience, even for weight loss

NEW YORK (AP) — A South Korea-rooted video craze is spreading around the globe as people tune to social media to watch binge eaters.

The so-called mukbang videos show people devouring massive amounts of ramen, burgers, chicken wings or seafood boils brimming with crab and lobster.

Fans say the videos are fun and help satisfy people trying to lose weight. Skeptics are concerned that the phenomenon may instill unhealthy habits.

Ashley Cobb is a math teacher in Washington, D.C. She says the videos are soothing and transport her to a different place in the same way as a good book.

Consumer psychologist Michal Strahilevitz says watching others binge eat is much healthier than binge eating yourself.

The videos have made millionaires out of some creators.

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