Bird rescue group rehabilitates, releases starving pelicans

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Birds gotta fly, and to the delight of dozens of people gathered above a rock-strewn Southern California beach, that’s exactly what a trio of Brown Pelicans did when their cages were opened.

The three released Wednesday from a park in the beachfront town of San Pedro were recently rehabilitated by the group International Bird Rescue.

Since April the group has taken in 50 of the pelicans noted for their large, pointy beaks.

All have been dehydrated, emaciated and suffering from other ailments.

Some have been found wandering on airport runways, residential streets and in front yards. Two dive-bombed a recent college graduation ceremony.

Kylie Clatterbuck of International Bird Rescue says her organization worries warming ocean waters may be drying up the beach-going birds’ main food source, which is fish.

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