Brad Pitt asks astronaut: Who was better? Clooney or Pitt?

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Brad Pitt, star of the new space movie “Ad Astra,” had a burning question for a real-life astronaut.

“Who was more believable? Clooney or Pitt?”

In a call Monday, NASA astronaut Nick Hague answered Pitt — “absolutely” — getting a big laugh. Pitt’s Hollywood pal George Clooney starred in the 2013 space film “Gravity.”

The International Space Station crew previewed “Ad Astra” a few weeks ago. The movie opens Friday down here.

Pitt portrays an astronaut who travels through the solar system to find his father. The film includes actual NASA shots of the moon and Mars. Hague praised the zero-gravity depictions.

Pitt noted the movie’s spaceship was “a bit cleaner” than the station. He also wondered “who controls the jam box?” Hague’s answer — the six astronauts take turns.

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