Brandie Carlile as nervous for Clive Davis’ gala as Grammys

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Brandi Carlile says she is feeling the pressure of performing at Clive Davis’ star-studded party the night before the Grammy Awards.

While sitting alongside Davis, the singer said Thursday she is just as nervous taking the stage at his pre-Grammys gala Saturday than performing at the actual Grammys the following evening. It didn’t help matters when Davis rattled off several names of attendees including members of Metallica, Joni Mitchell and Sammy Hagar.

But Davis says Carlile is ready for the moment, calling her the “real deal.”

Carlile will attend and perform at the gala for the first time. The party is so exclusive that some famous people have been turned away at the door.

Davis says Travis Scott will also perform.

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