Burned bear Cinder shot and killed by hunter in Washington

LEAVENWORTH, Wash. (AP) — A bear cub found badly burned in a massive 2014 Washington wildfire has been killed by a hunter.

News outlets report that Rich Beausoleil with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says a team in September set out to find the den of the bear nicknamed Cinder because her radio transmitting collar stopped working.

Officials hoped the collar stopping transmitting in October 2017 because she was holed up for the winter. The team found her remains close to where she was set free in 2015.

Cinder was originally found under a horse trailer after a wildfire with paws so scorched that she pulled herself by her elbows. She healed after centers in California and Idaho.

An orphaned cub released with Cinder was killed by a hunter in 2015.

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