Burned Jim Beam warehouse was insured; sprinklers deployed

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Jim Beam says a company warehouse that burned down in central Kentucky and destroyed 45,000 barrels of aging whiskey was equipped with sprinklers and was insured.

The distiller is still assessing value of the lost bourbon.

Remnants of the fire that erupted late Tuesday continued to burn Friday. Officials want to let as much alcohol as possible burn to reduce the flow of bourbon-filled runoff into nearby waterways.

Some of the bourbon has entered the water and has been visible on the Kentucky River. State environmental officials say fish kills were reported due to the runoff.

The spirits company says aerators were deployed to help “oxygenate the water” in an effort to keep more fish alive.

The distiller says sprinklers in the warehouse activated when the fire broke out.

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