California chief vows review after stabbing by homeless man

VENTURA, Calif. (AP) — A California police chief says his department will review its procedures after a restaurant patron with his young daughter on his lap was fatally stabbed inside a crowded steakhouse by a homeless man.

Ventura Chief Ken Corney told the Los Angeles Times that officers should have responded in person to initial reports about the suspect rather than simply monitoring his actions via security cameras.

Residents gathered at a City Council meeting Monday to vent frustrations over how officials are handling the homeless and mentally ill population.

Prosecutors say 49-year-old Jamal Jackson walked up to Anthony Mele’s table on April 18 and stabbed him in the neck. The 35-year-old died at a hospital.

Jackson is charged with murder. He had been reported earlier for disruptive behavior, but police had determined he was not a threat.

Jackson has not entered a plea and is due in court this week.

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