California gas tax rises another 6 cents a gallon Monday

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California’s nation-leading gas prices are set to climb even higher Monday, when the state gas tax increases 5.6 cents a gallon.

It’s the latest increase from a 2017 law designed to raise about $5 billion a year for road and mass transit programs.

It’s among several changes taking effect at mid-year.

A 12 cent-per-gallon boost came that November, and voters last year rejected a Republican-led effort to repeal the law. But Southern California voters recalled one Democratic lawmaker who helped pass the measure.

The money is split between state and local governments, with much of going to fix potholes and rebuild crumbling roads, bridges and public transportation.

Republicans note that the tax is increasing even as Gov. Gavin Newsom and fellow Democrats complained about high gas prices.

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