California lawmakers move to limit opioids for minors

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A bill to limit how much opioid medication doctors can prescribe to children has cleared a major hurdle in the California Legislature.

The Assembly voted 53-0 Monday to advance a bill to restrict doctors from prescribing more than five days’ worth of opioid drugs to minors. AB2741 makes exemptions for situations including medical emergencies, hospice care and other instances where doctors deem a longer prescription medically necessary.

Assemblywoman Autumn Burke says she agreed to amend her bill to remove a requirement that parents or guardians sign consent forms for opioid prescriptions for children in their care. The Los Angeles Democrat says prescribing limits are a serious but justified step to combat the country’s opioid addiction crisis.

The California Medical Association has argued the bill does not give doctors enough discretion.

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