California police: cold case murder solved with DNA database

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Northern California authorities say they have cracked a 45-year-old murder case using the same publicly available DNA database investigators accessed to arrest alleged serial killer Joseph DeAngelo.

The Santa Clara County sheriff’s department said Wednesday that officers arrested 74-year-old John Arthur Getreu on suspicion of killing 21-year-old Leslie Perlov in 1973. Perlov’s body was under an oak tree near Stanford University and her panty hose were stuffed in her mouth. She had been strangled and the case went unsolved for decades.

Investigators taking another look at the case in July found an unknown man’s DNA among the evidence. They sent the DNA sample to the Virginia-based DNA technology company Parabon NanoLab.

The company’s results led investigators to Getreu, who was arrested at his Hayward, California home on Tuesday.

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